a friend passed these lists along to me.. 

they are gathered from "A Man's Journey to Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach and friends. Copywrite 2000, by Scribner & Simple Abundance Press.

they are excellent lists for us men and probably for all of us in general...



I Wish I’d Said To My Father (And If There’s Still A Chance, I Will)

Please don’t eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day
Tell me what it was like for you as a kid. Seriously, I want to know
I thought I’d have more patience with my kid than you did; I was wrong
Even though the words of fatherly advice bounced right off me, I remember them now
You had a bigger impact than you thought you did and than I thought you would
I wish we’d had a few more laughs and a few less arguments
I didn’t do any better balancing the job and the family than you did
However it turned out, it wasn’t your fault
It turned out all right
Thanks, Dad

Every Man Worth His Salt Should Know How To Do

Sweep a woman off her feet
Motivate a peer
Make a wish come true – for someone else
Keep a promise
Change a tire
Calm a fear
Make a child giggle
Tell a ghost story
Write a love letter
Ask for directions

I Hope My Kids Learn Sooner Than I Did

The amazing amount of "anything and everything" that’s out of your hands
The pleasures of pausing somewhere you shouldn’t at two in the afternoon
How money works
It’s the small moments that make it worthwhile
How to dance
Success in life is how well you deal with Plan C
Admitting you don’t have all the answers produces remarkable results
Don’t tell someone who knows how to do his job how to do his job
Figure out who the important people are; make sure they know you know
Where the clitoris is

Ten Questions A Man Should Know The Answers To

Do I love you the way I should?
Why do I go to work every day?
Who made me the man I am?
Have I thanked him/her/them?
Are my heroes truly worth looking up to?
What makes me so angry?
What makes me laugh out loud?
What makes me cry?
How bad are my bad habits?
How much of an effort do I make, really?

I Want My Lover/Partner/Wife To Know

Emotionally, we have to take turns being on top.
I can’t form words around my feelings as fast as you can.
I love you.
Don’t confuse preoccupation with indifference.
Even though I’m paranoid,. I really do know you’re not out to get me.
There are really times when silence is better than talking about it.
I know I can go farther with you than without you.
I think you are beautiful, no matter what you look like on any given day.
Of course, on any given day, you look great.
When we get lost in each other, I find myself.

Every Man Should Keep in Mind at All Times.

Right-y, tight-y; left-y, loose-y.
A career is not a substitute for a life plan.
Shouting doesn’t help.
Laughter does.
It is inevitable that people you love will occasionally let you down.
It is inevitable that you will occasionally let down the people you love.
Health is the first wealth.
It takes too much energy to hold a grudge.
Amortize, ameliorate, or purge all regrets every five years.
Flowers always help. So does "I’m sorry" and "Thanks."