CAB DOLLY FOR A 53-56 F-100


I needed a place to put the cab of my truck while doing work on the frame and needed the cab movable.  This is what I came up with.  It was unashamedly copied from Wayne's design  (52Merc on the FTE) Built with basic stock lumber (2x4 and 2x6 ) it fits the dimensions of a 53-55 cab and supports it at cab mounting points... a set of H.F. hard casters and some Simpson strong ties and it's done.

Main cross pieces (front and back) are doubled 2x4 as are the uprights at the front of the cab.  Uses sheet rock screws and strong ties.  It's very stable and strong.

Cost should be less than 20 bucks including the wheels... and you've probably got 2x4s laying around in the way anyway.


cab dolly 003a.jpg (932872 bytes)


cab dolly 002a.jpg (937480 bytes)

cab dolly 002b.jpg (37340 bytes)

cab dolly001a.jpg (99524 bytes)